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Seeking a prestigious business address to represent your company? While keeping your home address private from your customers and suppliers. Start Trading from your new business address: ” Your Company Name” 7-10 ADAM STREET, THE STRAND WC2N 6AA. You can add credibility, build confidence and make this attractive address your official business address.
Sign up today: +44 (0)20 3670 7797  or sales@firstcallvirtualoffice.com
Plus, you will get to enjoy the plenty of additional virtual office services such as Call Handling LondonFax 2 Email, Virtual Number and other solutions tailored to your needs.



This bright boardroom is perfect for business meetups, meeting the needs of small to medium sized businesses. There are high ceilings, large windows as well as a stunning ceiling painting of Bacchus which is the room’s focal point. Blending tradition, art, style and technology, The Bacchus Room is equipped with a TV screen and a conference phone that can be exclusively used along with the room.
The room size is 5.6 x 4.7 meters and there is a capacity for up to 12 people as a boardroom, up to 20 people as a theatre and up to 30 people as reception. The prices start at £75 per hour, £290 for half day rentals and up to £530 for full day rentals (for UK residents).



If you are looking for a conference room in London that fits up to 7 individuals in the boardroom setup, The Adam Room is perfect for your needs. Designed as a one-stop room for meetings or interviews, this room offers plenty of natural light and blends in art with technology.
Business owners, board members, startup enthusiasts and other people on a mission for something creative and intimate can find The Adam Room as the perfect solution for their needs.
The Adam Room can be yours for private meetings, business pitches, full day interviews and other needs for only £50 per hour, £175 for a half day and £350 for a full day (these prices apply to UK residents only).



What looks like a cosy meeting room that fits up to 8 people is actually a perfect conference room for a limited number of individuals. Ideal for meetings and events, the room offers plenty of options full of character and charm. It is always perfect for inspiring and impressing your guests and supported with the best audio-visual equipment as well as free WiFi included in the price.
The capacity of The Snug Room is up to 8 people when used as a boardroom and up to 15 people when used as a theatre setup. The prices for an hourly rental start at £35, and reach up to £130 for half day bookings and £245 for full day reservations (for UK residents).



Perfect for conferences, The Gallery is a modern space that is packed with technology and white walls. It has its own lighting controls which suits the needs of business events, conferences, corporate meetings and more. The setup is elegant and uses wooden table and comfortable chairs.
Its capacity is up to 50 people in the theatre and up to 60 in the reception. It also comes with a TV and different outputs. The prices for renting The Gallery start from £79 per hour, £305 for half day and £560 for a full day (for UK residents).



As a room with vast tradition, dating back to 1776, The Rehearsal Room is a cross-vaulted space which is located 3 levels below the ground. The underground setup allows for maximum privacy – yet keeps the meeting room in the centre of the city. Among the additional features and extras are the TV screen and the theatre which are perfect for meetings, conferences and receptions.
It can fit up to 20 people in the boardroom, 35 in the theatre setup or 50 in the reception. The prices start at £45 per hour, £160 for a half day and £320 for full day rentals (for UK residents).



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