Virtual Numbers

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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Basically, virtual numbers are lines that work in a call forwarding service and that direct the call towards you wherever you are. That being said, a virtual phone number lets you receive calls from anywhere in the world through our services at FirstCall with utmost reliability.

Connected Everywhere

From Skype to MSN, Google Talk, Cellphone, SIP, IAX2 etc., we direct the calls through a unique geographical number provided to you after you sign up for our Virtual Numbers service.

As easy as that, your virtual number is set up and ready to go.

Why Choose Virtual Numbers?

Our virtual numbers are introducing you to the concept of a call forwarding service in the telecommunication industry. However, this concept is widely affected by the digital world and provides unique geographical numbers to each one of our clients.

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Thousands Of Satisfied Users!

The best part about our Virtual Numbers services is the number of satisfied customers. Easy to use, simple and straightforward – this service is serving thousand of businesses around the world in many locations.

So, are you ready to become one of them and call the world at reasonable rates, virtually?