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Business Address London

Select from one of Our Prestigious Business Address London  can also be used as your Registered Address London as a Registered Office Address London Solution virtual office address london

Trusted by Global Brands.

  • Keep your home address private
  • Daily Sorting and Forwarding Uk & Global
  • Registered Address
  • Multiple Mail Forwarding London based Locations
  • Packages delivery are signed on your behalf

Call 020 3670 7797 or Leave your details, We’ll contact you within 15 Mins

Call 020 3670 7797 or Leave your details, We’ll contact you within 15 Mins

Have your . Forwarded Daily No Matter Where You Are Located Around The World.

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Registered Address

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Our Prestigious Business Address London Centres can also be used as your Business Address London Start Trading from your new business address. The mail forwarding London solution can bring ease in your daily operations. registered address london registered address london registered address london registered address london registered address london registered address london

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You're not just yet another client

No more jumping between providers, un-answered questions and insufficient customer service, We pride ourselves from standing out and no matter how big we are, We ensure to treat every client with a personal and caring service as should all business do. Registered office address london

With a mail forwarding London address, you can rest assured having a real business presence and run your company on-the-go. Registered office address london

FirstCall – We Add Value®

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How Does FirstCall Mail Forwarding Service Work ?
Your New Business Address
Welcome to London

Mail Forwarding Regulations | FAQ

If you have decided to work the smart way by enhancing your business image by using one of our mail forwarding address to receive mail anywhere you are located, we require ID.

We at FirstCall as one of the leading Virtual Office providers have a legal mail forwarding regulations obligation to check the identity and address of all UK and non-UK customers who use our Mail Forwarding Service.

This is to ensure that we comply with Anti-Money Laundering regulations (AML).

All we require is your physical street address, which is the address where you wish to receive the forwarded mail, as well as IDs and the names of the directors, full details can be found on our identification checklist.

Click on the below tab , we are listing the ID which we are required to activate your account.

Once you have provided these documents and they have been verified, your account will be activated & confirmed by a welcoming email within 24-48 hours.

Your account will be active 24 to 48 hours after you provide your ID and all the other relevant documents. In most cases, we activate accounts within 1 working day, so that you get the confirmation email and can start using your new mail forwarding address straight away.

Our Mail Forwarding Service requires you to send scanned copies of our ID documents so that we can verify them. If you haven’t done that yet, please send your ID and address proof as soon as possible, since they must be received within 1 month from the date you set up your mail forwarding service.

Your mail forwarding address remains inactive until we receive these documents and have our customer service team confirm them. If there is any mail sent to your address during this period, unfortunately, it will be returned to the sender.

Unfortunately, they must be separately sent so that they count as just the proof of ID. For the proof of address, you must supply other documents such as a bank statement, electricity or water bill etc.

On behalf of the legal controls under the London Local Authorities Act 2007, we are required to keep records of all clients who use virtual offices and mail forwarding services and a copy of their identification and proof of address accordingly.

If you are providing copies of your identification and proof of address, the documents need to be certified and signed by someone else (counter signatories) so that their authenticity is proven. Counter signatories must work in (or be retired from) a recognized profession, such as someone of good standing in their community.

Every bit of information that you provide to us is kept in the strictest of confidence. You can rest assured that your privacy is guaranteed with our service and that we won’t do anything to compromise your details or give them to any third party.

However, we are legally obliged to provide your information to official bodies such as Courts and the Police if we are asked or required to, by the law.

All documents sent by our non-UK or non-EU clients need to be in English and notarised by a Public Notary. Also, they need to be accompanied by the relevant official stamp which can be only be found at a Public Notary.

For more information on Public Notaries and where to find them, click here.

FirstCall - What our clients have to say LIVE

We appreciate and thank our clients to have taken the time to review our services. We are pleased and proud to provide thousands of businesses with virtual office solutions with highest standard of customer service.

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Expect Exceptional Support

Mail Forwarding Service | FAQ

Signing up for your personal mail forwarding service is easy and simple. All you need to do is visit our mail forwarding page where you would be asked to choose your current location and other relevant details.

It takes approximately 24-48 hours for us to review your sign up process, set up your account and send you the paid invoice and confirmation via email. After that, you can start using your new mail forwarding address.

Alternatively, you can contact us via phone or email at sales@firstcallvirtualoffice.com to sign up your mail forwarding service.

Your address will be
" your company name " followed by the full business address.

Yes, When setting up the account you will be asked for the Company Name, Trading Name, Names of Directors in which any letters or packages received under the confirmed names will be identified and sent to you.

Once we receive the mail, it is sorted and forwarded the same day.

Worldwide destinations require an extra few days.

Once we receive the package, it is sorted and forwarded the same day.

Worldwide destinations require an extra few days.

It is important that you inform and promote the address including your company name to ensure the senders will send the letter or package correctly for example:

" your company name "
full business address

If we receive any items without the name of your company, trading name or other which are mentioned on your account these items will be returned to sender as we would not be able to allocate it to your account.

Depending on your selected business address chosen.

If allowed you can definitely collect your own package. However, make sure to send us an email at info@firstcallvirtualoffice.com informing us when you would like to collect.

Do not forget to bring your ID upon arrival.

We reserve the right to classify any parcel as medium or large once it cannot fit through the letterbox and is larger than A5 in size. The costs of forwarding parcels like these are calculated by us and sent to you via email - with a link to make the payment needed online directly via your account. Once your payment is covered, we immediately proceed with forwarding your package.

The universal cost for forwarding a parcel as special delivery starts from £7.45 (and changes) depending on your current location, its exact weight and size. We calculate the entire cost and send it to you on your email with a link to the payment.

Yes, If you want to update the address your mail is being forwarded to, please send us an email to info@firstcallvirtualoffice.com with your new address.

Note that there is a small one-off admin update fee for this update.

We charge a one-off fee of £5 per item to every account before sending the parcel to it. If your account is set to 'Post when arrives', the cost of forwarding your parcel will be calculated by us and sent to you via email. Once your payment is sent and received on our end, we will forward your parcel.

Please note that our storage space within our offices is still limited, and have this in mind when collecting your parcel. If in any case your parcel is not collected within 5 working days (including the day of receipt), we charge an additional £5.00 per week per item that commences on the sixth day of keeping your parcel at our office.

Parcels that are collected within 5 working days do not incur any storage fees besides the standard £2.50 handling charge that applies to all parcels.

We reserve the right to not accept items that weigh more than 10 kilograms or with dimensions greater than 60cmx60cm. This is because of the fact that we are a mail-forwarding service and unfortunately don't have spacious storage facilities to house large parcels for all of our clients.

To track your payments for any storage fees or ongoing shipments, you need to log to your account and click Outstanding Payments>My Payments. Here, you will once again see our guideline of all the mail forwarding charges.

At First Call, we offer both mail forwarding as a Registered Office and Virtual Office services. But what is the difference between these two?

Virtual Office Mail Forwarding: Here, you get to use our London address as your business mailing address and receive letters from your bank, other institutions, clients or customers, just like using it as marketing or advertising it for your company.

What is not included is the used of our London address as your company's officially registered office. Therefore, if you need a registered office in our London location, make sure to choose the Registered Office Mail Forwarding solutions.

Registered Office Mail Forwarding: This service lets you use our London address as your company's official office address to receive the official mail.

What is not included here is the use of your address for marketing or advertising purposes for you company. For that, you should either consider using an alternative address or choose both the Registered and Virtual Office mail forwarding plans.

Registering a business in the United Kingdom is a simple process of going online to HMRC click this link to open an account.

Unfortunately, The Director of the company must contact the Companies House and HRMC to update them with the new Registered Office Address.

Our terms and conditions are flexible and always in favour of our clients.

Our telephone answering plans are only 2-months contract. However, if you wish to cancel the service(s), we require a full calendar month notice sent to our email:

It takes approximately 24 to 48 hours on average to set up your account, once you have made your payment and completed the registration process via phone or email.

At FirstCall, we take pride in ensuring the best customer support. With teams of customer service reps trained to help you or assist you with our latest equipment and software, setting up a virtual service or any other service of ours is made easy.
We will answer every single question you may have and assist you during every phase. Our passion and commitment to every single client does not go unnoticed - in fact, those are the qualities of our exceptional service.

We take a 1-month service charge deposit for any monthly account made on our platform, which is refundable upon cancellation.

This is only to ensure that you meet our monthly terms and conditions - We don't require a deposit for the annual accounts.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan by giving us 1 month notice via email: info@firstcallvirtualoffice.com

We require you to notify us 1 full calendar month notice prior to your cancellation on your monthly account. If you wish to cancel your annual account, you can only do that at the point of the standard renewal date (the date it expires).

Our pricing policy is fully transparent, featuring NO Hidden costs or additional fees which are not clearly mentioned on our website and terms.

There is a small setup charge which is a one-off.

Only 2 Months Contract

Our pricing policy is fully transparent, featuring NO Hidden costs or additional fees which are not clearly mentioned on our website and terms

Call 020 3670 7797 or Leave your details, We’ll contact you within 15 Mins

Call 020 3670 7797 or Leave your details, We’ll contact you within 15 Mins

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