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Using a virtual office as a registered business address

Using a virtual office as a registered business address

Using a Virtual Office as a Registered Business Address – It is a legal requirement to provide a registered office address when you set up a limited company. The registered office address is your company’s official address and it is where all official communications will be sent to, example letters from Companies House,  HMRC (Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise) and Government Gateway.

You can use your private address, your business address, your accountant’s office address or your virtual office address as long as it is a physical address in the UK.

Your company address will be publicly available on the online register. If you do not want your private address to be publicly available, you can use a different address provided by a virtual office company.

You must have the address in place before you register your company. If you have already set up a company using your private address, you can always change address to a virtual office address at a later date. You just need to notify Companies House and complete and return a form of change of address. Can be done online in a few minutes. To provide your company number and name, the new registered address and signature.  Our customer service at FirstCall – We Add Value will walk you through the process.

Your business address ie. where your business operates or trades from can be different to your registered address. Historically most businesses operated this way and the registered address was usually the accountant’s address, someone you appointed to take care of your tax affairs.  However, Using a Virtual Office as a Registered Business Address is a perfect solution.

Nowadays virtual office providers have become a popular choice as they can also provide additional services such as mail forwarding and telephone answering.


The many advantages of using a virtual office for your business registered address. 

Using a Virtual Office as a Registered Business Address
Using a Virtual Office as a Registered Business Address

Select the right virtual office provider that will provide a prestigious address both for your registered address as well as a mail forwarding trading address to impress your customers and suppliers.

You will be surprised they are not that expensive and there are a lot of special offers running at present.

FirstCall – We Add Value will provide you with a wonderful address with all the required virtual services

that will add value to your business and at a very good price.

Keeping your private address private.

Huge savings with a virtual office address, especially if you take advantage of all the wonderful offers of having your mail forwarded to you, important letters scanned across the same day, professional operators answering your callers “live” in your company name. All the many advantages of a virtual office.




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