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Our Work-Life Balance Is Improving: Here Is Why

5 Ways To See If You Are A Workaholic

You may find achieving work-life balance as the hardest thing in your life. And you may be already struggling with it a lot. But according to a new survey that included more than 16,000 professionals in over 80 countries, it seems like the world is slowly but surely getting past this issue.
The results are the following:5>
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5 Ways To See If You Are A Workaholic

• 69% people enjoy work now more than they did in 2010

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5 Ways To See If You Are A Workaholic

•nearly 7 out of 10 people are happy with the amount of time spent at home or personal pursuits

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5 Ways To See If You Are A Workaholic

• 63% of people are working harder than ever and getting picked up by new employees

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5 Ways To See If You Are A Workaholic

• 74% feel they are achieving more at work than two years ago

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5 Ways To See If You Are A Workaholic

You Tie Your Worth To Your Work Success

As you can see from these results, things are not that bad as we thought. Although we work more nowadays, we get better results and are generally happy with the world around us.
And if you still cannot find yourself in these examples, we have the right recipe for you, containing 5 steps you need to make to take control of your work-life balance:
Free Up Some time – Take the time for you and do the things you want. You will be more productive and happy – guaranteed.
Prioritize On Your Tasks – Instead of doing things altogether, set priorities and do them step by step. Your work will be more organized and your life will be more fulfilled, thanks to this rule.
Ask For The Help You Need – Feeling down? Ask for help and support from your friends, family or relatives. Tell them what bothers you and trust us, you may hear some great answers.
Look After Yourself – Sometimes, maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be hard. However, all it takes to make the most out of it is you, so look after yourself and make sure to incorporate exercise into your routine. That way, you will relieve the stress and increase your effectiveness!
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5 Ways To See If You Are A Workaholic
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