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5 Ways To See If You Are A Workaholic

In case you didn’t know, ‘workaholics’ are people who work a lot and prioritize work over anything else. Such people exist more than ever nowadays, thanks to the fast pace of the world and the vital role technology plays in it.
And even if you think you have your work-life balance under control, you may be terribly wrong. Or you may be – a workaholic.
So, how to know you are one?

1. You Work Longer Than Your Colleagues

If you are the first one to arrive in the office and the last to leave, you may be a workaholic. And if extra hours equal productive hours to you, the situation may be serious. The best way to ditch the workaholic routine and become more productive, however, is to make some time for yourself.

2. You Cannot Turn Off Your Brain

You are constantly thinking about that project at work. Or the emails you sent. Or the hours you spent at your office. You can’t turn off the thoughts about the meeting on Monday, even though it’s Saturday.

3. Your Body Is Aching Or Feeling Unwell

If you are experiencing constant pain in your back, have addiction to junk food or avoid exercise – and all of these reasons make your body ache or feel unwell, you should get some serious help. And if we add lack of sleep to the entire story, it’s more than clear your workaholic schedule needs to stop.

4. Your Relationships Are Strained

You don’t look further to your soulmate – or finding one anymore, and have strained all your relationships. You keep forgetting your friends’ birthdays and your family gatherings. Hey, stop it. Seriously.

5. You Tie Your Worth To Your Work Success

If you value your self-esteem by linking it to the work results, you are a workaholic. And you need to step out of that ‘dead zone’.
So, how to get away from being such person?
Socialize. Exercise. Have fun. Read books. Go out. Attend events. It’s simple.
But did you know that a virtual office can solve your case of attending work all time, managing your emails, calls and faxes? If you want to learn more about it, we welcome to you contact us.



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