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Virtual Office Tools: The 7 Best To Use

Already started using a virtual office space? Check these top 7 tools that can help you cut costs and give your company a more professional look!
If you’re using a virtual office, you probably know all the benefits it can bring to your company! However, we would like to present you top 7 tools that can be used to help you run the virtual office even better. Also, it will help you save money on operating costs, and give your business a more professional look.

Top 7 Business Virtual Office Tools to Use

Here is a list of 7 virtual office tools to use:

  1. Invoicing Solution & Online Billing – Online billing and invoicing solutions can help you get the payments on time. Therefore, by using this tool, you will be able to send invoices to your clients via e-mail.
  2. Online Backup and Recovery Solution – Having an online backup and recovery system is vital for any type of business. By using this tool, you will have access to the most important files and documents anytime you need them.
  3. Online Fax Solutions – If you are tying up the telephone lines to send or receive taxes – online fax tool is the ideal solution for you! This tool eliminates the need to buy a high-priced fax machine. In fact, it will allow you to send or receive faxes as PDF files over the Internet.
  4. Online File Sharing and Document Management System – This tool allows you to manage, store, and share your documents and files. You can use them anytime you need them via an online browser. This tool is especially helpful for small business owners when they need quick access to files.
  5. Printer, Scanner & Copier – This all-in-one tool features a printer, scanner, and copier. By using this tool, you will definitely eliminate the need for buying other hardware equipment separately. The best thing about this tool is the capability of being able to scan files and documents and download them as a PDF.
  6. Web Conferencing Tools – Web conferencing tools and online project collaboration allow you to work with your clients and employees in different locations worldwide via one location. For instance, you can easily conduct live presentations, do sales presentations, host online meetings, and etc.
  7. CRM or Customer Relationship Management – Before using online customer relationship management system ensure that the software you intend to purchase has excellent customer service and other resources available that will give you a helpful guidance on how to use this tool.

Contact First Call – The Best Virtual Office Service Provider

As a leading virtual office service provider on the market, First Call is here to help you grow your business while avoiding unnecessary expenses.
We provide flexible office space solutions according to your needs, standards, and budget!
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