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How to Set Up A Virtual Office

You have probably heard about virtual offices and how cool they are so far. And yes, they offer a lot of benefits and can be the best reason to shift your business towards a more productive future. From mail forwarding to telephone answering, there are tons of ways your company can benefit from a virtual office. Find out below How to Set Up A Virtual Office
But how to do it right?
Here is our step by step guide for setting up a virtual office.

1. Choose A Package/Plan

First and foremost, you should choose a plan for your virtual office. Now, there are usually three to four packages starting from Basic and going up to Premium, each with different features and package attributes.
To check out our virtual office packages at FirstCall, click here.

2. Create Your Account And Make The Payment

Once you choose the package, you will be redirected to a page where you should pay for it. If you are an existing customer you should at first log in – but if not, you should create your profile and add your address from scratch.

3. Provide A Little More Information

The next step involves providing a little more information for your profile. Although we will probably contact you before this happens, make sure to know what your virtual office is all about and give us the right address so that we set up your package correctly.

4. Check Out The Options

If you have chosen services such as telephone answering, mail forwarding etc. – chances are that you have to be more precise about them. In other words, you should configure your plan and let us know when you want to receive each mail, phone call or fax – as well as on which exact address.

5. Enjoy The Virtual revolution

Congratulations! You are a part of a business that is virtual. A business that just saved thousands of dollars and gained a unique competitive advantage on the market. And most importantly, a business that is flexible and ready to succeed, streamlining its office operations.
Interested in learning more?
Contact us directly and ask any questions you may have about creating your virtual office! We promise we’ll get back to you soon!



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