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General Questions

1How can I sign up for a telephone answering service?

Opening your telephone answering account is simple. All you have to do is select your preferred plan by clicking the "Sign Up" button. After that, you will be redirected to a page where you need to fill all the required details and eventually set up your account.

Your account will be set up within 24-48 hours once we receive your details and order. You will receive a paid invoice confirmation from us via email and can finally start using your new telephone answering support for your clients.

If you cannot sign up through our online checkout, you can sign up by contacting us via telephone or email
2What is the contract length?

Our terms and conditions are flexible and always in favor of our clients.

Our virtual office service plans start from 2-months only. However, if you wish to cancel the service(s), we require a full calendar month notice sent to our email:
3How long does it take to set up my telephone answering account?
It takes approximately 24 to 48 hours on average to set up your account, once you have made your payment and completed the registration process via phone or email.
4What type of support can I expect from you?

At FirstCall, we take pride in ensuring the best customer support. With teams of customer service reps trained to help you or assist you with our latest equipment and software, setting up a virtual service or any other service of ours is made easy.

We will answer every single question you may have and assist you during every phase. Our passion and commitment to every single client does not go unnoticed - in fact, those are the qualities of our exceptional service.

5What is the setup deposit for?

We take a 1-month service charge deposit for any monthly account made on our platform, which is refundable upon cancellation.

This is only to ensure that you meet our monthly terms and conditions - We don't require a deposit for the annual accounts.

6Are there any setup charges?

There is a small setup charge for each service.

However, signing up annually and receiving 2 months of services for free certainly tops it out. Just like our current Virtual Office promotions which can be seen on this link Special Offers

7Can I change my subscription/plan from monthly to yearly?

You can change your monthly plans to an annual one and even receive 2 months free for it. That means you will only pay for 10 months, yet receive 12 months of service. To redeem this offer, please email your request at including your company name and the service you need.

We will make sure to reply in the quickest time possible, giving you a pro-rate invoice for the upgrade in which you will receive a confirmation of your upgrade.

8How do I reinstate my lost services?

Just email our admin team at with your company name, contact details and the services you'd like to reinstate. As soon as we get your email, we will reactivate your account and confirm

Once you make the relevant payment or verify the new ID documents, we will resume your services.

9How can I cancel the service?
We require you to notify us 1 full calendar month notice prior to your cancellation on your monthly account. If you wish to cancel your annual account, you can only do that at the point of the standard renewal date (the date it expires).
10What are the costs ? Are there any hidden costs I should know about?
Our pricing policy is fully transparent, featuring NO Hidden costs or additional fees which are not clearly mentioned on our website and terms. There is only one fixed cost - your monthly telephone answering plan. For any additional services, we reserve the right to charge by usage or service accordingly.

Telephone Answering

1How quickly do your answer your phone?
Our answer rate is 99.68% which means that not answering the phone almost never happens with our telephone answering service. With an average ring time of 1.4 rings only and a quality of 98.6%, it's evident why more and more businesses and customers are choosing FirstCall – We Add Value.
2Is diverting my telephone number to the call centre possible?
Yes, our telephone services include the allocation of a dedicated phone number to you. You will have to instruct your phone provider though in order to divert your calls to the new number.
3Is there any difference between call divert and call patching?
The call divert service is basically a redirection of every call to another number of your choice. On the other hand, call patching relates to a telephone answering service that puts the call through to you if you are available.
4How can I divert my phone to you?
Diverting your calls to FirstCall is simple and easy. The only thing you need to know is whether you want all calls to be diverted, the calls when your line is busy, calls after a certain number of rings or a combination of any of these options. Our divert guidelines are tailored to customers using the BT service. If you are not one, please contact your telephone provider for assistance.
5Can I still answer my calls if I want to?
Of course. The diverting option should be activated only when you want FirstCall to take your calls. However, our personal advice is to setup the divert setup so calls that are missed by you, calls after a certain number of rings or when your line is busy are transferred and answered by our operators.
6Do you answer my calls in my company's name?
Definitely. We strive to be your best telephone operator and provide you with a dedicated number for your business calls. Whenever your number is called, it will bring your screen up in front of the telephone PA, letting them answer with your company name and your preferred greeting based on your custom call script.
7How do our operators know what to do with the call?
Whenever you receive a call on your number, a screen pops up in front of our operators, clearly showing them the guideline under your requirements. You can make changes to it as well.
8How do you send the messages to me?
We immediately notify you via email and/or SMS, including the caller detail and the summary of the call.
9Do you answer all calls within the UK, even after office hours?
Yes. Our telephone answering operators work 24/7 in our London office, answering every call. Therefore, we do not disperse any calls to any location inside or outside the UK.
10Is First Call really open 24/7?
Absolutely. We pride on our 24/7 working time, ready to assist you by answering your calls every time and date of the year.
11Will I receive a dedicated telephone number?
Yes. You will be able to see the 0208 or 0207 / 0203 number that is dedicated to your office at no additional cost. You can even call it yourself to check it or divert any call from your existing telephone line. If you need more information on this service or want to change your number, contact us
12Can I pick my own number of choice?
Absolutely. You have an option to choose any number from the extensive variety during your sign-up process (whether online or by phone with our sales representatives). Whether it's a local or a non-geographical number (ex. 0800 free phone), our Sales Department will help finding the right number for you.
13What information do you take from my callers?
We always ask for your caller's name, company name and telephone number (sometimes a second number as well), their email address and postal address. Have in mind that the more information we take, the longer the calls will be.
14Can I send you my own call script or change it?

You can always send us your own telephone script or change your existing one. For example, if you are on a holiday or outside the office for one day, a week or a month, you can create a personalized message informing them about that and requesting further details from the callers

Please note that there is a small administration fee for this Contact us on email at

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