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Call Diversion Simple Instructions

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  • Call Divert Simple Instructions
  • Multiple Setting Options
  • Custom Call Script
  • Chat / Form / Telephone Support

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Never miss another . with the Uk's Leading Live Telephone Answering Service

We make Call Divert Simple, you never miss a business call again

All your calls answered whether we take all your calls or just your overflow, it’s entirely up to you

It's easy to get started

Advertise your new allocated number or a straightforward phone divert is all that is needed.

Your in control

The divert settings are done by you on your phone or by support from your provider and can be changed at any time.

Global Telecommunication

We provide below the list of providers with a step by step updated call diversion instructions.

Messages in real time

You get every message in real time via email / sms.


global providers


easy redirection





Telecommunication Provider Name Divert Instructions
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FirstCall Telephone Answering

With FirstCall Live Telephone Answering Service you know your phone lines are always covered.

We like to keep things simple. We welcome you to advertise your new allocated 020 number or a straightforward phone divert is all that is needed

You control which calls we answer, whether it’s all of your calls or just the ones you can’t get to. You can choose to change this at any time.

Our Award Winning Live Operators answer the calls in your company name based upon your custom call script which will ensure we answer in confidence, just like they would in your office, and your callers never know they’ve spoken to an answering service.

Our friendly trained receptionists will take a name, number, message and any other details you require so you can get back to the caller when you’re ready.

All messages are sent immediately by Email and/or SMS.

It’s that easy!

Why choose FirstCall Live Phone Answering

Quick and easy set-up

Just imagine within 24 - 48 hours, you can start advertising your new allocated phone number which you can advertise as yours or divert all your lines to.

Flexible Call Plans

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Bespoke Call Script

Calls answered based upon your custom call script.

Expect Exceptional Support

We take pride in ensuring the best customer support. 

Welcome to FirstCall

24/7 - Unique Competitive Advantage

We at FirstCall provide premium 24/7 cover unlike other providers which charge extra.

100% Uk Based

All calls are answered locally in the Uk by one of our trained operators.

Expect Exceptional Support

At FirstCall we take pride in ensuring the best customer support. 

Our passion and commitment to every single client does not go unnoticed – in fact, those are the qualities of our exceptional service.

Telephone Answering Service | FAQ

Our Live Operators will answer your calls and will forward the detailed message to you via email and/or sms

Yes. You will be allocated a new 0203 / 0208 / 0207 or other number in which you can present as your new business number or redirect your calls to.

Our Live Operators answer the calls as per your custom call script while taking their name, contact number, email and more.

Our answer rate is 97.5% With an average ring time of 2.8 rings. We hold ourselves to high standards.

Definitely. All inbound calls to your allocated number will bring your screen up in front of the live telephone answering operator, letting us answer in your company name based upon your custom call script.

Absolutely. We will offer you a range of local or a non-geographical number to choose from.

Diverting your calls to FirstCall is simple and easy.

The only thing you need to decide is whether you want:
1. All calls to be diverted
2. All calls to be diverted if your line is busy.
3. All Calls to be diverted after a certain number of rings

Of course. The diverting option should be activated only when you want FirstCall to take your calls.

However, our personal advice is to setup the divert setup so calls that are missed by you, calls after a certain number of rings or when your line is busy are transferred and answered by our live operators.

Whenever you receive a call on your allocated number, a screen pops up in front of our operators, clearly showing them the guideline under your requirements. You can make changes to it as well.

We offer 2 plans:

Standard hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8:30am to 6pm, Sunday 10am to 4pm

or 24/7

0203 numbers came into circulation in 2005 as the demand for numbers exceeded usage in the London area. 0203 and 0207 numbers are for inner London, A allocated 0203 number are included in our telephone answering plans. There is an extra charge for 0207 number.

Of course we can provide you a telephone answering service. We will still need to allocate a unique number. You will then have to instruct your existing phone service provider to divert your calls to the new number we have given you.

Our terms and conditions are flexible and always in favour of our clients.

Our telephone answering plans are only 2-months contract. However, if you wish to cancel the service(s), we require a full calendar month notice sent to our email:

It takes approximately 24 to 48 hours on average to set up your account, once you have made your payment and completed the registration process via phone or email.

At FirstCall, we take pride in ensuring the best customer support. With teams of customer service reps trained to help you or assist you with our latest equipment and software, setting up a virtual service or any other service of ours is made easy.
We will answer every single question you may have and assist you during every phase. Our passion and commitment to every single client does not go unnoticed - in fact, those are the qualities of our exceptional service.

We take a 1-month service charge deposit for any monthly account made on our platform, which is refundable upon cancellation.

This is only to ensure that you meet our monthly terms and conditions - We don't require a deposit for the annual accounts.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan by giving us 1 month notice via email: info@firstcallvirtualoffice.com

We require you to notify us 1 full calendar month notice prior to your cancellation on your monthly account. If you wish to cancel your annual account, you can only do that at the point of the standard renewal date (the date it expires).

Our pricing policy is fully transparent, featuring NO Hidden costs or additional fees which are not clearly mentioned on our website and terms.

There is a small setup charge which is a one-off.

Call 020 3670 7797 or Leave your details, We’ll contact you within 15 Mins

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