When you start a vocalist project with our team at FirstCall , we will at first listen to your needs and arrange everything according to your expectations. We will give you the most amazing music on hold results that will separate your tracks and lines from all the others.

Our services include copy-writing, recording, voice-overs, vocal mixes, selecting background music, track mastering and custom vocalist services. As soon as you pick what you need, we will provide you with an expert advice on the chosen vocalist based on your current track and provide you with the top-notch lyrics if you need them. If you are also interested in vocal mixing, we can also do that for you and make sure that your telephone lines are perfectly synced.

Our vocal services are fast, come at outstanding prices and with multiple revisions before sending your script to production. We follow a structured working process and work with project files and the best vocalists on the market. The result is a tailor made service that includes mixing, mastering and editing based on our agreement.

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