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The Growth Of The Virtual Office Concept

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The virtual office concept has been around for about a decade. There have been many new businesses that embraced this type of office and took it to their benefit. According to a study conducted in 2010 by the Office Business Center Association International (OBCAI), the concept of a virtual office has grown from 7.8% in 2008 to 18.3% in 2009.

The Virtual Office Concept Is Not A Trend Anymore

Today, virtual offices are not a trend anymore – they are a business reality. A lot of entrepreneurs are using them to run their businesses, all while enjoying a lot of other virtual tools like mail forwarding, different business addresses etc.

A number of factors attribute this growth. One of the most important one is the Internet, along with the growth of inexpensive technologies that let entrepreneurs access every corner of their business in a professional setting. From their email addresses, phone numbers and business services, everything can nowadays be accessed virtually.

Co-working & Virtual Spaces Have Measured The Largest Growth Over The Past Decade

Now that work is more mobile than ever before, co-working offices and the virtual office concept have measured the largest growth component over the past decade. The access to information is easier than ever before – and with that – entrepreneurs are able to switch businesses and work virtually from anywhere in the world.

The flexibility, convenience and comfort of running a business on the go, or having it registered from the comfort of your living room through the virtual office concept – is a great reward for many professionals out there. There are so many innovative virtual support solutions that make this easier and help entrepreneurs engage in virtual work as a normal thing.

Where are you standing?

In an era of developed technology and advanced office solutions, how do you run your business? For more information on the virtual office concept and how to set up one, head to this page.