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Answering your business phone is essential for capturing every sales lead and enquiry. It’s the only guarantee to maintain consistently high levels of customer service and grow your business. with over 15 years experience. FirstCall has provided live call handling services for thousands of Uk & International business.

Call 020 3670 7797 or Leave your details, We’ll contact you within 15 Mins

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Knowledgeable, Trusted and Confident.

How it works: 

We like to keep things simple. We welcome you to advertise your new allocated 020 number or a straightforward phone divert is all that is needed to use the FirstCall Live Answering Service.

Your Caller messages

Our trained operators will answer all calls & message you, wherever you happen to be working, via email and/or sms. Click here to view our solutions

Impresses every single caller

Our trained operators answer live in your company name based upon your custom call script which will ensure we answer in confidence

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Call Patching | Telephone Patch | Call Divert

With our Live Call Handling service upon your custom script, our operators are able to patch any caller to you [UK or Worldwide] allowing you to be contactable and work flexibly without your callers knowing your location. 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year

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Our High Standards Speak For Itself

Our Call Centre manager maintains a high level of quality, answering rate & ring time of 1.75 rings. 99.56% to ensure a professional and welcoming experience to all your callers while ensuring you never miss a business opportunity.

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Our Award Winning Operators

FirstCall® Live Operators are available and waiting to answer calls in your company name. Calls are answered quickly in a polite, friendly and professional manner.