How To Survive In An Open-Plan Office

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How To Survive In An Open-Plan Office

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You probably know that open-plan offices are the root of many mental health problems for people. They are the backbone for anxiety, stress and other disorders. And although they improve collaboration and reduce costs for businesses, everyone would agree that the lack of privacy and the shoulder-rubbing aspect are ones that drive employees crazy.

So, how to survive out in the ‘ocean’ of people, ringing sounds, laughs, beeps and clicks?

There are several ways we warmly recommend.

1. Expect A LOT Of Interruptions

The first way is to acknowledge the problem and take it into your advantage. Be prepared and expect the interruptions. According to some studies, accepting the fact that you are a part of such environment will help you in the long run – so factor it into your time and don’t expect to be the king of productivity when surrounded by a crowd of coworkers.

2. Learn To Communicate

If you position yourself as an avid communicator among your colleagues, it will be better to let them know when you need your privacy. And if someone is bothering you, there will always be a better way than to bother the boss about it. The diplomatic approach is always a win-win when it comes to minor conflicts. So instead of being the annoying one, learn when to and when not to communicate – but respect other people’s privacy as well.

3. Drop Hints

A ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the edge of your desk can frustrate your colleagues. Instead of that, you should try some less formal and confrontational approaches. For example, put on your headphones and eliminate the background noise. That way, your colleagues will see that you are busy.

4. Go Virtual And Work Remotely

A lot of companies have embraced the remote trend and let their employees work remotely. Your company can hire a virtual office, have advanced mail forwarding, fax to email and other services – and you can work from the comfort of your own home.

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