Telephone Answering Hebrew | Phone Answering Israel | Israel Call Centre

Telephone Answering Hebrew | Phone Answering Israel | Israel Call Centre
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Telephone Answering Hebrew | Phone Answering Israel | Israel Call Centre

israel call centre

Seeking an Israel call centre with a Live Israel Telephone Answering Service in Hebrew? Seek no longer.  We at FirstCall have a dedicated Israel Call Centre in the Heart of Tel-Aviv.

With over a dedicated team of 54+ live operators waiting to answer your inbound calls live in Hebrew, from your basic script: Name, Number and a message, to diary management, Payments, Customer Service, Support and outbound telemarketing.

Multiple Call Plans from 60 minutes of operator time per month for a fix monthly fee. A 2-month contract only. flexible terms and conditions and VIP customer service waiting to answer any of your questions or updates.

How Israel Call Centre Telephone Answering Works:

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The VIP service we provide is custom call scripts in which the operator will answer all calls live in your company name and follow the custom script. All caller details will be sent to you via email or/and SMS or even via your URL contact us page / CRM / API or other.

If you speak Hebrew your welcome to contact our sales/customer service department in Israel directly click for contact 

If you speak English however require live Hebrew phone answering kindly contact our London Head Office. click for contact


We welcome you to view our most popular questions and answers.

If your question is not mention below we welcome you to contact us and we'll contact you within 15 min click here
1What is the contact length ?

The terms and conditions at FirstCall Israel are flexible in favor of our clients

The contact is for 2 months only, however if you wish to cancel the service/s we require 1 full calendar month notice via email
2How long does the service take to setup?
Your account will be setup within 24 - 48 hours once you have made payment and completed the account setup online or via phone/email. Either via our head office in London or directly with FirstCall Israel
3Can I divert my telephone number to you?
We will simply allocate you a dedicated phone number to which you will have to instruct your existing phone provider to divert your calls to your new number. * We remind you the service as being serviced from Israel you will be allocated an Israel Number
4What if i need the service in Hebrew but i Don't speak Hebrew ?

FirstCall Is an International Provider you can either contact the Israel Head office or Speak with our London Head Office to sign up

If you have any questions we are always available to answer any questions you may have.