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Preparing Your Script

Writing a good script is something every business should look forward to when building an effective on-hold marketing message. The truth is, an on-hold script is definitely not difficult as you may think, however, needs to provide the right information and proofreading – as well as be done by a professional in that field.

At FirstCall, we excel in writing and preparing scripts. We completely understand that you know your company in its best light and therefore offer to prepare your script based on the information you give us. So, how to start?

Well, you can script all your voice prompts and on-hold messages in a single word processing document and edit them until you are happy with them!

Writing Your Script

We work with a lump price per 100 words – giving you the best value and writing a script that sells, convinces and informs your clients and customers about the information you want.

Whether it is an:

  • IVR/Menu Voice Prompt – ex.” For sales, press 1, for accounts – press 2, for customer support- press 3″
  • On Hold Section – messages mixed with music
  • Answer Machine Greeting – for times when your callers want to leave a message to you
  • Out of hours – every time your office receives a call outside the office hours

Script Examples & Direction

Here are a few examples of our scripts:

On hold message 1 (letting the caller know that someone’s going to be with them shortly)

Thanks for calling FirtCall’s messaging district. Bear with us until one of our advisers gets to you shortly.

On hold message 2 (keeping your caller on hold for a longer time)

Sorry for the late reply. Did you know that at FirstCall, we provide a reliable on-hold messaging service?

On Hold Message 3 (Letting them know more about your business)

Did you know that FirstCall specializes in virtual office solutions and telephone answering services?

Tips When Writing your Script

FirstCall can also give you some solid tips when writing your on hold messages, automatic answers as well as convincing offers. Our team of voice specialists and editors work together to craft the best messages for every situation during a call.

If you have written several on hold messages and wonder which one to go with, we can help you. The only piece of advice we can give at this point is that if you need to use IVR voice prompts – you should keep them as short as possible.

Here is one example:

Thank you for calling FirstCall. In order to connect to the right department, please choose from the following options: For Virtual Offices – press 1, For Telephone answering – press 2, for office solutions – press 3, etc.

Finished Your Script?

If you have finished your script and need help with someone narrating it, our voice specialists can help. At FirstCall, we work with the most professional vocalists, offering a service that promotes your business in the right way. From reviewing your scripts to improving them and putting them to production, we can ensure you nothing but 100% satisfaction.

Need help with your script ?

Don’t worry if you need help with your script, We are here to help and ensure your 100% satisfaction !


Vocalist Script Editor

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A professional vocalist service is the right way to take your business to the next level. As you probably know, it takes a lot of time to build a script that is convincing and reputable in the name of your business.
I can be the help you need in writing your script and the qualified professional that is able to review it, see what’s missing or give you constructive tips on improving your script. We can have conversations over the email and/or phone to assure your script is perfect before sending it to our recording studio
Getting your script professionally reviewed with over 10 years experience