How to Make the Best Use of Telephone Music on Hold

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How to Make the Best Use of Telephone Music on Hold

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There was surely a situation when you were on hold while calling a certain company. While you are on hold, the waiting period can be monotonous. This is one of the many reasons why a lot of businesses have implemented a music on hold phone system. Telephone hold music is a huge trend in the corporate circles and a lot of individuals began to implement this trend as well.

Telephone Music on Hold – How to Make the Best Use of It

Today many corporate entities use the opportunity of telephone calls to engage in a brand building. They want to protect their corporate image. That is why when customers call them the company’s jingles is in the background. Not only, the customers are happy but a serious brand building is being made with this move.

Business also use telephone hold music as an effective advertising tool. For example, when a customer calls your company’s office and the customer is on hold, instead of boring silence, you can play some of your popular audios in the background. This can help you in promoting your products and services. By using on hold phone system you can remind your customers about your new business offerings. For instance, promotions, sales packages, and etc. This is what transforming a challenge into an opportunity is all about.

If you want to experience the benefits of music on hold and on hold marketing, check our array of services. From basic to high-end services, there are lots of options you can evaluate for your company’s benefit.

Take Advantage of Our Professional Music on Hold Services

As a leading service provider on the market, we can offer you voice messages on hold, on hold advertising, and on hold systems.

You can:

  • Update the message on hold anytime, as often as you need
  • You can schedule the message via streaming solution
  • Use program manager login for live changes
  • The script writing service is included
  • Music on hold equipment is included (if needed).

Music on hold industry is well developed which means the demand for this type of services is high. Working with one of the best on the market will allow you to fully experience the benefits of business hold music and messages on hold.

With years of experience and a creative team of experts, we can definitely cater to your needs and provide you with the best on hold music for your Company.

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1How does the ‘Music On Hold’ feature work?
Our music and messages or hold are programmed in the form of an auto attendant that plays the audio into your company’s phone system. Although in most cases it happens to be an auto-attendant vocalist service, new forms of technology let you host your hold messages on a VoIP phone system. This makes the audio uploadable from anywhere online. There are a few differences between these two forms, but the bottom line is that they are both beneficial, especially the VoIP service when the message is played every time the caller is placed on hold rather than in midstream.
2How can I use hold messages for my business?
Letting your clients wait while informing them about your unavailability helps you entertain them and inform them that you are currently busy. The hold messages to your receptive audience are a great opportunity to also showcase and advertise your company’s products or services. However, their main point is to streamline your organizational efficiency and help your clients stay on the line and directed to their appropriate channel.
3Is all the music we use royalty-free (license-free)?
Yes. Our vocalist services are 100% license-free, which means that they are composed, performed and produced by our in-house team of musicians and producers, and ready to be used by any of our clients without any copyright concerns or license fees.
4Why can’t I download Free Hold music and use it instead?
It may definitely seem easier for you to download free MP3 music from a player, however there may be a risk of infringing or downloading music protected by copyright laws. This can transform to a court matter or a subject to hefty penalty fees, which is why our personalized music is the best choice. It can be paired with any message you choose and after all, is the most professional and tailored music that you can get for this particular service.